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Unique ways to incorporate a cowhide rug into your home interior

Cowhide rugs are the perfect home interior addition to give your home a luxury yet rustic vibe. The fantastic versatility of cowhide rugs allows there to be endless possibilities of placement and design to maximise the beauty of your home. Cowhide rugs remain a unique staple piece for your interior as they bring together all the elements of a room. If you're looking to truly make a statement, here is a rundown of some fresh and exciting ways to spice up your home décor with a cowhide rug!

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Buy a Uniquely Shaped Cowhide Rug

Forget the obvious style, you can choose a distinctly shaped cowhide rug, such as a striking circle or a bold square. Opting for a unique geometric shape of cowhide, you can draw more attention to individual furniture pieces, or you can subtly match existing patterns within your interior.

Hang Your Cowhide Rug

Express your creativity by hanging your cowhide rug on the wall as a textured masterpiece! A hanging cowhide rug stands as a great eye-catcher in the home interior and helps reduce areas of blank space which can create a much more homely feel.

Vibrant Colours or Patterns

A vibrant colour or pattern for your cowhide rug can really set off your home interior and make it modern. A bright colour or modernist pattern can give your home that extra chic feel and brings your home décor to life.

Stairway Lining

Be adventurous with your cowhide rug and design it to line your staircase! This will give your home a luxurious feel and will really stand out as a brilliant way to incorporate cowhide rugs into your home.

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