5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Styling Your Home With Art Hide

5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Styling Your Home With Art Hide

A rug serves an anchor for any interior setting, establishing the tone of the room. That's why picking the perfect rug can be quite challenging! Of course, we know the basic rules like dark colors help define a space, light colours give the space a calming effect while diverse shades of pink, yellow, orange and red add warmth to a setting. But, how do you differentiate between what works for your space - and what doesn't?!

1. Pick to Fit Picking the size of your rug usually comes down to the size of the room or the area within a room that you're trying to frame. The rule of thumb being the rug needs to be as large as the room, especially in bedrooms and lounge rooms! While large rugs are preferred in larger rooms, don't be quick to discount the smaller rugs! Smaller rugs are perfect for smaller sitting areas. For example, if you have some free space at home, furnish it with a few chairs and throw in a rug in the middle, creating a quaint little meeting area! At Art Hide, we have a special - and for a short time FREE - 'Bring it Home' service which creates a realistic, virtual image of the rug in your room. It's brilliant for checking that the proportions of the rug are right for your space and in enabling our clients to feel confident in their purchase before they've bought it! NUEVA-RAYA

2. Love Those Curves and Edges
Another aspect you need to keep in mind when picking a rug is the shape of the rug and the shape of the room. Rectangular rugs work well in large spaces, under beds and dining tables. Small rugs, on the other hand, can be a great solution for the space beside your bed or at the foot of the bed. However, always remember to ensure the rug plays into the proportions of your space. For instance, circular rugs work well in awkward corners by opening up the space. TRILOGIA-EMERALD

3. Colour Me Crazy
With so many colour options available, how do you pick the right one? Well, first and foremost, bear in mind that the colour of the rug can greatly influence the rug’s impact on the space. So, it is important to get it right! And, of course you can never go wrong with natural hide colours. However, if you like experimenting with colours, you can opt for something bold like the Angulo blue, Zirah orange, or Trilogia emerald. And if you are looking for something more subtle, then a style like our Division rug would be perfect! You can even swap out colours in existing designs to match your preference and get a custom made rug! ANGULO-BLUE-MIX

4. Textures All the Way The beauty of including a rug to your space is the gorgeous texture it adds. You can even go for the layering technique and compliment the hide rug with a hide sofa or bed cover, depending on the space you're decorating!

5. Styled to Perfection While the rug must reflect the owner's style and compliment the decor and furniture, it is always helpful to keep an open mind when selecting a rug. It can be chosen to match the interior setting or you can go for a complete contrast with an edgy design! Styles such as the Angulo are perfect for pulling together different elements of a room, while still being a stand-out in their own right. If you‚re looking for something more classic yet edgy, go for the beautiful Espina rug or choose from the Loco styles! And if you‚Äôre still confused about what to pick, drop us a line and we'd love to assist you in picking and/or creating the perfect rug for your space!
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