4 top Tips for Styling a Cow Hide Rug

4 top Tips for Styling a Cow Hide Rug

The use of a lush, natural pelt cow hide rug can add a modern look to any room of your home. Art Hide rugs provide texture and offer a focal point of interest for your interior design. They can be placed under furniture, such as the coffee table, kitchen table, bed or couch. Or, they can be laid in front of a fireplace, in the centre of a room or even draped over the arm of a chair.

Using a premium cow hide rug in interior styling is very much on-trend at the moment and can add a sense of sophistication to a room. A beautiful Australian leather rug can be easily fused into all aspects of the classic interior styles of French Provincial, Hamptons, Scandinavian, Industrial and Rustic. Four top tips for styling your rug include:

1. The French Provincial Look

Cow hide can be used in French Provincial styling, as this particular look is a blend of interior styles, incorporating shabby chic, rustic farmhouse and traditional. Neutral tones, brass fittings, distressed furniture, upholstery, cow hides, soft lighting and natural woods are all characteristics you can include.

2. The Hamptons Look

The Hamptons Look

Team your rug with delicious cream tones, soft pinks and charcoal - or simply use an all-white, natural theme. Incorporating navy or beige tones and a cow hide rug will instantly create a fresh, coastal Hampton style to your home.

3. The Scandinavian Look

The Scandinavian Look

To create the Scandinavian look which relies heavily on the use of natural tones, use cow hide rugs in their organic pelt form as this works perfectly with this minimalist style.

4. The Rustic and Industrial Look

The Rustic and Industrial Look

A cow hide rug lends itself to an outdoorsy feel and instantly provides warmth through its earthy, leather-based tones. Pair it with natural timbers, vintage furnishings and industrial light fittings, to create both a rustic and modern industrial look.

A quality, natural cow hide is a versatile addition to any home. Order your cow hide rug online today from Art Hide and be assured that you are purchasing an originally designed and ethically sourced leather product of heirloom quality.

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