Decorative as well as sturdy, Art Hide’s premium cowhide ottomans are unlike anything else on the market! Manufactured in Australia with a strong wooden frame, high grade foam, solid oak legs and hand-etched cowhide, these ottomans are a suitable choice for a variety of interior settings!


Are your cowhide ottomans ethical?

Genuine cowhide may be an attractive floor or ottoman covering, but is it ethically sourced? As a producer of genuine cowhide products, we understand your concern. To put your mind to ease, all Art Hide products are ethically sourced. They are typically a by-product of the red meat production sector and must adhere to strict Australian Government safety, testing, certification, and import criteria.

Are the cowhides used in making your ottomans toxic?

Cowhides do not contain any toxic compounds. Cowhide is a natural material that goes through the tanning procedure much like any other leather. The animal's hide is preserved during this process, with no harmful by-products. As a result, our cowhide ottomans offer the great benefits of being highly resilient, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.

What size is your standard cowhide ottoman?

Our standard Escano ottomans measure 34cm in height and 44cm in width. These are suitable for footrests and single seating or can be purely decorative in any interior setting.

How should I decorate with cowhide ottomans?

Ottomans are a low-risk way to add texture, colour, and design to your home without worrying about "going too far." Regarding size, your ottoman should typically be less than 2/3 the width of your sofa or sectional. Leave about 40cm between your ottoman or coffee table and your sofa. Don't be afraid to choose bold patterns and colours. If you prefer more conservative design alternatives, primary colours like black, white, and warm auburn tones can work well in practically any setting. Our cowhide ottomans are all hand-etched and are a suitable choice for a variety of interior settings.

How can I prevent stains on my cowhide ottoman?

Ottomans are often used as a footrest or a place to temporarily leave a drink or display a food platter for your guests. It's no surprise that a glass can get knocked over or your friend drops some food on it, but there's no reason to panic. All our cowhide materials - even our cream and golden ones where stains might be more visible - retain their natural oils, which means that stains sit on top of the material rather than seeping in. This means you can simply sponge off stains without using a harsh detergent.

Why choose a cowhide ottoman?

That organic feel. Cowhide furniture is one of the best ways to give your home a natural vibe due to its colour, texture, and general appeal. In addition, cowhide ottomans are known for their long-term durability. When properly cared for, a cowhide ottoman can last for generations, unlike synthetic ottomans that need replacement every few years.

What features are essential to look for when choosing cowhide ottomans that will last?

For your cowhide ottoman covering to survive a lifetime, it must have a solid, quality base and a sturdy frame. Our cowhide ottomans are manufactured in Australia with a strong wooden frame, high-grade foam, solid oak legs and hand-etched cowhide.

What's trending now in cowhide ottomans?

Round and oval-shaped ottomans are ideal in small spaces and rooms with odd shapes. They also add a touch of traditional elegance while breaking up the monotony of modern furniture.

Do you custom make cowhide ottomans?

Yes we do! Any of Art Hide’s designs can be custom sized or coloured – and entirely new designs can be created. Get your Art Hide ottoman here, put your feet up and relax!