Why cowhide rugs are the perfect sustainable decor addition

Why cowhide rugs are the perfect sustainable decor addition

Although they're commonly associated with luxury thanks to their lustrous and opulent finish, cowhide rugs are often overlooked when sustainability is a cornerstone of your interior design. Natural cowhide rugs, however, are actually the perfect sustainable decor addition. Here's why:

Cowhide rugs help minimise waste

The beef industry is large and wide-reaching with people from many countries around the planet enjoying a steak or roast regularly. When it's time for a cow to become your dinner, however, there are quite a few bits that don't make it to your plate. The hide is one of them. By turning carefully selected, premium cowhide into rugs, Art Hide contributes to reducing waste within our beef industry. This is also beneficial on a broader scale as it means that cows are not farmed specifically for their hide, therefore further reducing environmental impact.

Eco-friendly sourcing = lower carbon footprint

When you're considering the sustainability of a product, you need to look not just at where it is manufactured, but also how it is crafted. For example, Art Hide only sources our cow hides from fully regulated tanneries that, as noted above, work alongside the beef industry. We have also set the requirement that any tanning and dyeing methods are safe not only for workers, but also for our environment, and your Art Hide premium cowhide rug is crafted with practices that are non-pollutant.

Luxury and quality mean guaranteed longevity

Because cowhide is a premium material, it will last far longer than other, cheaper alternatives. When this benefit is coupled with ease of cleaning, thanks to the rug's natural oils that mean you can simply wipe away any mess, you've got a top-quality product that will stay out of landfill and prevent the need for replacement purchases for years to come.

Lower household chemical use

Speaking of how easy cowhide rugs are to clean, this is another sustainable benefit in and of itself. All you need to restore your cowhide rug to its full glory following a mishap is a damp cloth, so you'll be able to stay away from harsh rug cleaning techniques and chemicals that aren't great for your health or the environment.

So, if you're looking for a sustainable yet luxurious centrepiece for your room, why not consider a hypoallergenic option from our range of cowhide floor rugs?

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