How to style your cowhide rug on the wall

How to style your cowhide rug on the wall

Genuine cowhide rugs sparked a major trend in 2020 which has only surged in popularity in 2021. Whether it be a gold rug, a black rug, or a white rug, having one of our cowhide rugs in your home will shake up your décor in an irresistible way. However, why follow the norm and place your cowhide rug on the floor? Instead, we recommend giving your cowhide rug pride of place on the wall, turning it into an eye-catching and innovative feature. Don't worry - we're not suggesting you put your new rug at risk, as it's important to treat the rug with care when attempting to place it on the wall. Here at Art Hide, our experts have compiled this short blog post as a guide to help you correctly style your genuine cowhide rug on the wall.

Before you start

Before you start going about placing your cowhide rug against the wall, it's important to check that the nails you’re about to use are sturdy and that you have enough in your toolbox. This is because our genuine cowhide rugs are relatively tough and heavy, so even if you managed to get a weak nail through the rug in the first place, there's absolutely no guarantee it would hold.

We also recommend considering exactly where you want to position your cowhide rug as a starting point. Which room will it look best in? Where will it have the most effect? What aspects of your home interior would you like to pair it with?

Find the topmost centre point

To begin the process of nailing your cowhide rug to the wall, you need to find the topmost centre point of the rug and pin it to the corresponding corner on the wall. This makes sure that the rug will stay level.

When attaching

When attaching your cowhide rug to the wall, carefully staple the other topmost corners first, and then staple in the middle of the distance between the corners for added stability. There's nothing worse than your rug falling down after all that effort, so make sure this won't be the case.

For more information on how to safely style your genuine cowhide rug on the wall, contact our team at Art Hide.

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