Do you think rugs are a chore to clean? Think again!

Do you think rugs are a chore to clean? Think again!

Many people are put off buying rugs because they think they’re a real chore to clean. The idea of taking a large rug to a professional cleaner or getting the stains out by hand can seem like too much trouble, and a grubby rug is hardly attractive. A cowhide rug, however, is different from other types of rugs for a number of reasons and can be kept looking as good as new with virtually no effort at all.

The easy-clean solution

As they’re made from the best cowhides Australia produces, Art Hide rugs are easy to keep clean because they don’t hold onto dirt, grit or dust. If you’ve placed a custom rug on a wood floor, all the dirt which naturally follows you in from the outside will simply brush off your rug and can easily be swept up, so it doesn’t become engrained in the material. It takes just a matter of seconds to brush down a cowskin rug, while other fabrics often hold onto debris.

No fear of spills

As anyone who has children knows, accidents involving drinks will happen. The joy of a cowskin rug is that it contains natural oils which wick away liquid, so spilt drinks will simply sit on the surface where they can easily be sponged away. That makes cowskin rugs the perfect home décor accessory if you have little kids (or big kids who are accident-prone). Other fabrics don’t contain the same natural oils and inevitably soak up any spills, quickly becoming stained and unappealing to look at and requiring a lot of elbow grease to keep them looking presentable.

The natural choice for your home

Our cowhide rugs are made from only premium cowskin and will remain looking as good as the day you bought them, however much daily use they get. Don’t be deterred from buying rugs because you think they’re too much hard work! To find your perfect customisable rugs, simply browse our online catalogue today.

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