Why a cowhide rug is all you really need in your living space

Why a cowhide rug is all you really need in your living space

When you have just moved into a new property that you can finally call your own, decor is always first on the agenda. It’s likely at this time you have 101 ideas running through your head.

However, after moving into your new place, money is often sparse. This makes knowing what to prioritise somewhat difficult, despite wanting so desperately to splurge the last of your savings on gorgeous interiors.

Enter the cowhide rug. The inexplicably beautiful solution for those wanting to decorate their home in an efficient way. Let’s look at why cowskin rugs could be the answer to your creative conundrum.

They are THE centrepiece

When you have a cowhide rug that is as stunning as one of Art Hide’s cow rugs for sale, then it’s all you can focus on. A customisable rug can be tailored using the colour themes you want, and it’ll be the most fascinating centrepiece in any room. Who needs furniture when you have a cowhide floor rug?

Cowhide rugs add personality when there is nothing else

If you have just moved into a new place and it's lacking furniture, then Melbourne cow skin rugs for sale will create the illusion of filling a room.

For those evenings in front of the television, you can sit eating dinner on these devilishly soft carpets. Made from natural, hypoallergenic materials, you won’t have to suffer whilst tucking into dinner and a nice glass of wine. The natural oils also mean that any spills can be effortlessly wiped off.

A cowskin rug will be with you for life

Okay, maybe not quite, but near enough. If you’re looking for leather rugs in Australia, then these luscious cowhide pieces might be the furnishing to triumph over any other.

These sustainably sourced rugs maintain their shape over time, so can be that valuable piece of furniture you take with you from home to home. They even work perfectly to roll up and bring on a boutique glamping experience.

Want to find your perfect cowhide rugs online?

If you want to find your very own cowhide rug, then take a look at our best selling cowhide rugs. Once you lay one of these down on your floor, you will be smitten with how it looks

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