What benefits does a cowhide rug offer you?

What benefits does a cowhide rug offer you?

In 2021, cowhide has come back into style - and it has come back with a bang! At Art Hide, we're not surprised, as our beautiful selection of authentic cowhide rugs is bound to give your interior an instant wow factor! However, we feel that it's important to also recognise the benefits a cowhide rug can offer beyond style.

1. Hypoallergenic

At Art Hide, our premium cowhide rugs are the perfect match for those of you who suffer from allergies. In ordinary carpeted rugs, there are reams of tightly compacted woven fibres that make for the perfect environment for dust mites to stick. This can cause allergen reactions for you and/or your visitors. Cowhide rugs, on the other hand, are not made in this way, making them a great option for reducing your symptoms and discomfort.

2. Maintain with ease

Be it a cream cowhide rug, like the Gaucho rug or the Cojonudo rug, at Art Hide, our luxury range of cowhide rugs are designed to be easy to maintain with minimal effort. Seeing as it isn't made from such tight fibres, cowhide is a material that does not cling to dirt. This means that to clean it, you simply pick the rug up and shake it – as little or as frequently as you wish. A vacuum can be used on our rugs if you require a deeper clean, but we suggest that you ensure that you vacuum in the direction the cowhide naturally follows. This prevents any damage to the hairs.

3. Long-lasting

Your customisable cowhide rugs are guaranteed to live a long and healthy life. The cowhide material that they are made from is quite a strong fabric, which means that regardless of the foot traffic your rug will undoubtedly acquire over the years, it will continue to add to the overall look of your room.

For more information on our range of customisable cowhide rugs, contact the friendly and professional team of style gurus at Art Hide today.

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