How to style a cowhide in your home or office interior

How to style a cowhide in your home or office interior

Whatever cowhide rug you decide on for your home, we guarantee that it will not be missed by anyone who is walking by. We also believe that a cowhide rug is very multi-functional. In other words, it can work extremely well across a range of rooms – from kitchens and bathrooms to under the piano and the dining table. So, here are 5 ways that you could style a cowhide rug across a number of rooms in your home and office space.

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On wooden flooring

The natural materials in a cowhide rug compliment the natural materials in the wooden floor very well, making the rug a focal point for any passer-by. If you’ve got a small cowhide rug, you might need to put some tape underneath it to stop it from slipping and moving around on the ground.

Under the dining table

Not only is a cowhide rug extremely practical and functional under the dining room table (it will not be damaged by a heavy table on top), but it’s also a perfect way to add a splash of colour and pattern to your dining space. You’ll also be pleased to know that a cowhide is easy to look after - all you need to do is vacuum it daily or every few days.

In the bedroom

Imagine placing your bare feet into a thick cowhide rug every morning. How comforting and cosy, right? Or for something a little different, you could hang a cowhide rug on your bedroom wall.

In your office

With offices easily becoming stuffy and dull spaces, a cowhide rug could bring a creative element to your rigid home office like no other rug. It might even help get your creative juices flowing!

In the bathroom

Needless to say, a cowhide rug is incredibly stylish. So, if your bathroom has enough floor space, a cowhide rug might be the perfect addition. Natural oils in the cowhide rug will also help it to absorb any water splashes.

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