Interior design tips - where to place your cowhide rug

Interior design tips - where to place your cowhide rug

It's no secret that a nice rug can really tie a room together, offering a timeless look that can complement a dizzying array of interior aesthetics. You might already have an idea of where you want to place your cowhide rug, but finding the right spot might be a little trickier than you first expected.

Consider its shape carefully

One of the biggest issues that many cowhide rug owners face is the irregular shape of the rug. By design, cowhide rugs are all unique, which means that they won’t snugly fit into a corner like a regular, rectangular rug would. A cowhide rug is also a completely bespoke piece, so no two rugs will be the same.

To overcome these challenges, we have outlined a few handy placement ideas to help you find the perfect spot for your gorgeous cowhide rug.

Starting with the living room

The living room is usually a great place for a cowhide rug as it can act as both a centrepiece and a practical addition to your space. There are some design choices that you can make that might help with your cowhide floor rug.

For example, after placing your rug, you might want to cover the ends with furniture to give the impression that it spans a larger area. If you're looking to showcase the rug, make sure that nothing is obstructing it, which will focus attention on the piece.

Moving to the bedroom

If you're looking to add a cosy, luxurious feel to a bedroom, you couldn’t do much better than a quality cowhide rug. Just like in the living room, you will need to consider whether you want to give the rug enough room on its own to steal the show or incorporate it underneath your bedroom furniture. If you're looking to really buck the trend, consider mounting your cowhide rug to the wall behind your bed to create a unique wall hanging.

There are lots of inventive ways that you can incorporate your beautiful cowhide rug into your interior decor. All it takes is some patience and a keen eye for style. A well-thought-out design can really elevate the look of your home when you think carefully about proper rug placement. For more information and guidance, contact us at Art Hide today.

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