How to care for your cowhide rug

How to care for your cowhide rug

Many people assume that, as a luxury item, cowhide rugs require more care and attention than other rugs. While it's true that you might want to be a little more careful with a high-quality cowhide rug just because of its value, really they're very easy to care for and maintain on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis.

When properly looked after, cowhide rugs can last for years. Here are a few tips that can help you to make sure your cowhide floor rugs live up to their full potential in your home.

Where to put cowhide rugs

Obviously, your cowhide rug will want to take pride of place in whichever room you keep it in, whether that's on the floor, the wall, or draped over the back of furniture. But it's important to keep your cowhide rug out of direct sunlight and away from humidity, both of which can damage your rug over time.

Rotate your rug

Cowhide rugs are hardy and can withstand years of being walked on. But if your rug is placed in a heavy traffic area, such as the entrance hall to your home, it's important to rotate your rug semi-regularly to ensure an even distribution of footfall across all parts of the rug. This means that gradual wear to your rug falls evenly, making it less noticeable years down the line.

Cleaning your cowhide rug

You can vacuum your cowhide rug to keep it clean, but try to vacuum in the direction of the hair, so that you don't accidentally push out hairs, causing the rug to shed. You can also dust your rug outside with a good shake or a carpet beater, though this is less common these days! If accidents happen, a damp cloth with mildly soapy warm water can be used, and stubborn stains can be removed using a solution of water and white vinegar. When brushing, always brush gently in the direction of the hide, to avoid shedding.

Looking for more advice on how to care for your cowhide rugs? Contact us to find out more about our customisable cowhide rugs and how to make them work for your home.

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