5 Cowhide Misconceptions Debunked

5 Cowhide Misconceptions Debunked

Have you been considering investing in a natural pelt cowhide rug? Perhaps you've heard a few rumours about how they're made, whether or not they're ethically sourced or if your dog will consider them a giant chew toy. We're here to debunk five common misconceptions about cowhide rugs that will lead you to one of the best home investments you can make!

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1. Cowhides Smell Like Farm

One common misconception about cowhides is that they smell bad. In reality, cowhides are more likely to smell like your favourite pair of leather shoes. The reason is that cowhides go through the same careful cleaning and treatment process as leather for accessories does. This means that they won’t remind you of the damp sludgy farm you visited in primary school—actually quite the contrary!

2. Cows are killed for their skin

Cows are not killed for their skins alone. The hides are a by product of the dairy and meat industries, which means that materials otherwise destined for the rubbish bin are recycled and transformed into a high-quality product that can last a lifetime. Cowhides are also much more sustainable than fake leather, which is made from polyurethane and this doesn’t biodegrade at all!

3. Your dog will eat the rug

Some dogs will eat anything from bedroom walls to laptops, yet another common misconception about owning a cowhide rug is that your dog will find it irresistible and start chewing on it like an old bone. In reality, due to the natural cleaning and processing of the hide, your dog won’t find it any more enticing than your sofa or your favourite book. And providing your dog isn’t out of control, you’re more likely to find it curled up on the rug under your coffee table.

4. Cowhides contain toxic chemicals

Many cheaper synthetic rugs and carpets do contain a number of potentially harmful pollutants like NPs, NPEOs, flame retardants, stain repellants and heavy metals. In contrast, the processing of cowhides uses mostly natural chemicals like salt, clean water, bark tanning and chrome tanning. Additionally, the cleaning process is so thorough that by the time one is adorning your wooden floor, there is no risk of your home being polluted. All chemicals used in the tanning process are highly regulated to the highest of global standards.

5. They all look the same

You’d be hard-pressed to find two cowhide rugs that look the same! That’s because it’s near impossible to find a set of identical cows. One of the things that make cow hides so special is that they are a true one-of-a-kind-product. Especially the ones from Art Hide!

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