Why cowhide rugs?

Why cowhide rugs?

Cowhide rugs and accessories are widely preferred due to their remarkable ability to completely transform any interior setting by adding a luxe, yet rustic vibe. This beautiful and tactile material can be styled in multiple ways making it a versatile decor element. What's even better is that cowhides are extremely functional in terms of use and also provide the user with a host of benefits, which include:

Unique design - Since cowhides are derived from cowskins, each cowhide has its own completely unique characteristics. It may be the special markings of the animal or the colour of the hide. The variety in terms of style and pattern make the hide designs extremely versatile as you are sure to find one that matches your style and decor! Many Art Hide rugs feature natural hide rugs (such as the Nueva Raya pictured below), although of course we are well know for our love of colour and unique patterns!
Sustainable by-product - Did you know all Art Hide's cowhide products are created using the by-products of the meat industry? When you are purchasing from Art Hide, you can rest assured knowing that it is 100% ethically sourced.

Multipurpose decor element - From elegant offices to home decor accents and even wall tapestries, there are endless numbers of ways to style hair on hide rugs. You can use it to class up a mundane waiting area at your office or add a fun texture to your child's play area at home and it will blend perfectly in either setting, adding a stunning natural element.¬†Art Hide rugs are fully customisable and we have eleven years experience in creating stunning custom rugs, both residential and commercial- talk to us today about your project!

Extremely durable - leather rugs can withstand a lot of wear and tear and as such feature regularly in homes, offices and light commercial settings. While it is known for being able to withstand wear and tear, it is also extremely soft and pliable. That is why it is the perfect material to be used as a rug. In fact it's the durability factor of cowhides that also make them a very popular family heirloom.

Easy to maintain - Cowskin rugs are extremely easy to maintain as the natural oils present in the hide make it spill and stain resistant. All it requires in the name of cleaning is a light, infrequent vacuuming, or if there's been a spill, a quick wipe with a baby wipe or damp cloth.

Hypoallergenic material - Natural cowhides are a 100% hypo-allergenic due to the natural oils present on the hide, making it repel dust and dirt. It is the best solution for people who suffer from sinuses, allergies and respiratory issues. In fact it's the faux furs that you should be wary of as they are usually made of synthetic materials and may cause allergic reactions due to the chemicals used with treating them.
Art Hide is the leading cowhide rug company and is available to answer any questions you have about purchasing the right rug for your home. Contact us today.
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