Five Reasons to Love an Art Hide Premium Cowhide Rug

A premium, customisable, cowhide rug has an endless array of benefits for your home, wallet and lifestyle. If you are considering purchasing a cowhide rug for your home, we have listed five reasons why you will fall in love with your new purchase.

1. Hypo-Allergenic

Unlike fibre-based rugs, cowskin rugs are hypo-allergenic. Allergies to natural leather are relatively low, whereas allergies to synthetic fibres are relatively high. If you suffer from asthma, hayfever or other respiratory illnesses, then a premium cowhide floor rug, like the Exotico Rug, may be the best option for adding a lush yet natural touch of elegance to your home.

Exotico Cream laser rug

2. All Spaces Big & Small

Antika etched hide pillow

Australian cowhide rugs can be a solution for any space, big or small. In a small space, an Antika etched hide adds a touch of luxury and elegance. For extra-large spaces, why not try placing two large classic rugs, such as the Degrade, side by side to create warmth and texture in any large space.

3. Long-Lasting

Degrade Rugs

Cowhide has developed over time to be resistant to a range of harsh weather conditions. As a result, a cowskin rug is longer lasting than most commercially made wool or synthetic fibre rugs. These natural qualities make them perfect for high-traffic areas. As cowhide is naturally stain-resistant too, they are easier to clean when accidents do happen. With a little care and attention, your new cowhide rug has the potential to become an heirloom.

4. Heat Retention

angulo Rug
Whether you have a wooden or carpet floor, a cowskin rug adds additional insulation to your flooring. Covering a large space with an Angulo rug promotes heat retention and reduces your energy consumption during the colder months.

5. Affordable

Purchasing a cowhide rug online may seem like a large expense, but it is more affordable than you may think. For most people, the purchase of your new Art Hide rug is a one-off investment, as with proper care, your cowskin rug should last a lifetime. Art Hide also offers Afterpay on the range of cow hides we have for sale, making your initial purchase all the more manageable.

If you are considering purchasing a leather rug in Australia, but are unsure where to start, why not try our room rendering service? This free service taps into the decades of design experience in the Art Hide team. Our room rendering service can help you to envisage what your rug would look like in-situ, and best of all, you can order as many renderings as you need.

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