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Mariposa Rug 2 x 3m

Mariposa Rug 2 x 3m

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Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Sasha Bikoff X Art Hide Collaboration - Mariposa Rug. Sasha Bikoff, a visionary in the world of interior design, has ingeniously brought the allure of the outdoors into this rug, allowing us to reconnect with the innate charm of natural hides. It is an homage to nature and a testament to Sasha's profound appreciation for the delicate beauty of butterflies and what they symbolize.

This extraordinary piece takes us on a whimsical journey. Picture yourself in a field adorned with enchanting butterflies, their vibrant colors twinkling in the sunlight as they gracefully flutter around you. Inspired by this mesmerizing spectacle, Sasha meticulously crafted the Mariposa Rug to embody the essence of a wildflower-filled meadow.

The butterflies, dyed in a dazzling array of custom hues, dance across the neutral backdrop, creating a striking contrast that truly makes them come alive.

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