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Funghi Cushion - Red Mushroom

Funghi Cushion - Red Mushroom

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Introducing the Sasha Bikoff X Art Hide Collaboration - Funghi Cushion, an epitome of magic and artistry in the world of interior design. Mushrooms are currently in the spotlight, and inspired designer Sasha Bikoff knew it was the perfect opportunity to create a rug that embodies their playful spirit.

The Funghi cushion, shaped like a mushroom, is a grand-scale masterpiece that feels like part of a fairy tale. It's like a piece of the forest right at your feet, perfectly balancing the beauty of nature with the artistry of design.

Every curve and irregular shape is beautifully brought to life through Art Hide's stitchless Fusion technique. The result is a rug that stands out in any room, adding a touch of intrigue, vibrancy and personality.

The Funghi cushion can be fully customized to any size, shape or color. The Fusion technique applies layers of latex to the back of the rug, resulting in a 1/4 inch thickness so the rug is plush and extremely durable. No need for a rug pad.
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