Introducing the Camino Rug in Taupe & Gray.

While neutral, it is far from boring; this exquisitely crafted rug brings subtlety and style to any space. The Camino features an undulating design created with a careful selection of shades of dyed taupe and natural grays, creating a variety of textured tones across its surface. 

Utilizing Art Hide’s new Fusion stitchless construction technique, the rug’s finish is luxurious with longer hair and plush base (0.5cm/0.25inch), for a softer, cushier feel.

Whether placed in a stylish living room or a sophisticated bedroom, each step on its velvety surface is a reminder of the exquisite attention to detail that went into its creation. The Camino Rug Taupe will instantly elevate your interior to new heights of refinement. 

The Camino rug is fully customizable to any size, shape or color.

Available also in: Camino Rectangle Rug - Petrol