How to Combine Area Rugs in an Open Floor Plan

How to Combine Area Rugs in an Open Floor Plan

An open plan layout provides a blank canvas allowing you to play around with your creativity. This can be a fun exercise, but also tricky - how to arrange your furniture and area rugs to create a cohesive look and feel? 

We provide some tips on ways to organise your cowhide rugs in an open floor plan.

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Using the Same Rug

Picking matching rugs is an easy and classic solution as this repetition creates a certain elegance and flow. Choose one specific rug option to bring out the best in your open floor space. A certain type of rug can create a beautiful contrast to your floor finish or furniture upholstery. The same type of rug with a slight colour variation can lend subtle contrast to the room.

Don’t forget you can also customise Art Hide rugs into different shapes and sizes, for example this beautiful Angulo rug can be made in a hall runner, a round rug or large floor filling loungeroom rug. You can even customise the colours slightly to allow for subtle transitions between spaces. 

Complementary Colour Combination

Find two patterned rugs that look good together in an open space. Play with colour combinations. Safe colour pairings are those who are on opposite ends of the colour wheel. Play around with your decor’s colour palette as well. Art Hide offers a range of dyed colour cowhide rugs that can be well paired together in an open layout provided the right colour combination is selected, like this Astila rug

Combine Solid with Colour

Let one bold colourful rug carry most of the weight, while pairing it with a solid, subtle coloured rug. The colourful rug can be used as a focal point to draw attention to a specific part of the room. Create a link with other elements in the room by finding cohesion with your curtains, scatter cushions or blankets. 

This rug mix will make it seem like you didn’t just buy everything at the same time, but instead creates the illusion that you collected the rug pieces gradually. 

Consistent or Contrasting Textures

If you aren’t confident in bold colours, perhaps it’s not your taste, or the room calls for subtlety; then playing with contrasting textures can be the way to go. Different textures make great partitions to break up a large space. Textured rugs are super versatile and can keep a timeless element to your room’s floor covering even if your tastes in furniture changes or evolves. 

Consider matching a cowhide rug with a soft, natural fibre rug to perhaps section off a reading area from your office space. 

For a mixture of colours, textures, and sizes, shop our range of cowhide rugs online. Contact one of our friendly team members or visit our FAQ section to find out more about Art Hide cowhide rugs. 


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