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Layering: How to showcase your cowhide rug over another rug

Rug layering is a trend that is here to stay. Incorporating a genuine cowhide rug as an ingredient in this process can really take a room up a notch! However care should be given to layer your rugs in such a way without it looking overwhelming or becoming a trip hazard. 

We share some tips on how to create the perfect look by layering a cowhide rug over another rug.

Tip 1: Solid colour + pattern

If the foundation of your room is neutral, pair a neutral solid coloured area rug with a patterned cowhide rug. The patterns will pop and add depth to the room. Conversely, by pairing a busy under rug with a plain cowhide you can tone things down and even add additional patterned items to the room. 

Cowhide rug layering - Art Hide rugs

Tip 2: Use low pile or flat area rugs

This will ensure that the cowhide rug doesn’t look like it is sinking into the bottom rug. Also keep in mind that you might want to place furniture on the rugs so best to keep things flat.

Tip 3: Play with angles

Place your cowhide rug so that it is at an angle to the area rug rather than having it perpendicular. You also don’t want the cowhide rug to cover too much of the area rug, so placing the cowhide partially off the area rug looks best. Point the cowhide rug in such a way that it is ‘facing’ the entrance of the room. 

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Tip 4: Use similar tones

Even if you are pairing a solid colour with a patterned rug, try to find a common tone in both rugs. This will tie together your room’s overall colour design scheme.

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