Introducing FUSION - Art Hide's Elevated New Stitchless Technique

Introducing FUSION - Art Hide's Elevated New Stitchless Technique

Experience the innovative Fusion technique developed by Art Hide that revolutionizes pattern creation without relying on our traditional stitching methods.

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Inspired by the renowned stitchless FIFA soccer balls pioneered in Pakistan, Fusion embodies the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and masterful artistry.

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Unleash infinite creativity, with limitless possibilities in pattern and scale, along with a flawlessly seamless finish that exudes sophistication and inspiration.

As a result of the adhesive and compression technique, Fusion rugs are beautifully plush at 5mm thick and do not require a separate rug underlay.

All Art Hide styles can be made in the Fusion technique. Shop all existing Fusion styles here.

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