How to Style Cowhide Rugs for Children's Rooms

How to Style Cowhide Rugs for Children's Rooms

Cowhide Rug for Kids

Anyone who has ever decorated a child's room, either before or after the little one's arrival, will know the myriad of style options out there. Then there is the added expectation to create a space that will stimulate and inspire your child as they grow and learn. One way you can add a stylish level of inspiration is from the ground up with a cowhide rug.

In addition you will want to ensure your rug is durable and doesn't stain easily. Well, cowhide rugs are the perfect solution here too!

Finally, Art Hide cowhide rugs are also hypo allergenic and natural, so are the perfect and safe solution for little people.

Why to styling for kids with cowhide

  • Complete sensory experience

Art Hide coloured cowhide rugs are created in a range of signature patterns which instantly add texture and depth to a room. Whether you choose a herringbone pattern, long slim lines or strongly balanced squares, your little ones will enjoy hours of discovery.

Each cowskin rug is unique and made to order. Colour options can start with the traditional cowhide hues, move into cream, and then elevate to a gold hide rug. Or you can choose one of the custom-created colours to match your home or your child’s personality.

The interlocking patterns invite touch, which leads your child to the next level of sensory experience. Natural cowskin rugs retain the directionality of the hide for exploring and inquisitive little fingers.

  • Define space

Perhaps you have two children sharing one room or you want to define areas in your home for your child. Floor rugs are perfect for separating spaces and adding purpose.

For example, add a different coloured rug to each side of the bedroom to allow each child to express their personal style in a shared space. Or use a rug in your living or play area to invite floor time and family interactions in comfort.

  • Timeless style

Cowhide rugs are a decor item that never goes out of style. The natural warmth of a leather rug and the textural layering of a material so intrinsic to the Australian identity means they will always be a stylish centerpiece.

Therefore, not only are you giving your children a beautiful, natural place to play and learn as they grow up, you are also giving them a piece they can take with them in years to come as they start to design their own home or grow their own family.

To find out why cowhide rugs and kids are the perfect match or to learn more about designing your child's bedroom, get in touch with us at Art Hide today.

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