Rugs & Kids - Match Made in Heaven!

Rugs & Kids - Match Made in Heaven!

We have previously written about why Art Hide's cowhide rugs are a brilliant kid-friendly flooring solution. But we thought it was a good time to revisit this as we are asked frequently about cowhide's suitability for households with children.

We're here to tell you that cowhide is the perfect textile for homes with little people of all ages!

The founders of Art Hide, sister duo Bree and Kura, have 5 daughters between them. They've well and truly road tested Art Hide over the last nine years and are both firm believers in cowhide being the perfect child-friendly rug solution.

Kura, Bree and their tribe of five girls

Let's revisit why Art Hide's cowskin rugs work so well with kids.

Cowhide is natural

Art Hide's rugs have natural oils within them which protects the rug. Any spills – whether it is juice, food or even playdough, will sit on the surface and will easily lift off with a slightly damp sponge or baby wipe. Art Hide's rugs also don't contain any nasty glues or anything unnatural within the rug.

Art Hide is hypoallergenic

Unlike wool which triggers allergies for so many people, or cheap synthetic rugs that trap dust and offer dust mites the perfect home; CowHide is both hypoallergenic and easy to clean!

Issy and Lottie playing on Art Hide

It’s Low-Maintenance

Cowhide area rugs are so easy to maintain and keep clean. It is simply a case of using a dustpan and broom is wipe up any crumbs. Our cowskin rugs can also be taken outside to shake them off. The occasional vacuum is also fine too. No need for special dry cleaning!

Luna playing on an Art Hide Nueva Raya in peach

Art Hide is the perfect choice

Art Hide really is the go-to brand for on-trend, large hide rugs for sale. Art Hide also offers a stunning array of coloured cowhide rugs and cream or metallic cow rugs, including large hide floor rugs within its collection of cowhide rugs online, and at stockists for cowhide rugs Sydney, cowhide rugs Perth and cowhide rugs Melbourne, to name a few.

With Art Hide's clever designs and meticulous manufacturing, these area rugs they are elevated to a whole new level of gorgeous!

Don't forget that All of Art Hide rugs are fully customisable, so you can create a large rug or one that is made to fit your specific space. Art Hide is a one-stop shop for the very best cowhide rugs in Australia and cowhide rugs in the USA - and all over the world.

If you’re looking for inspiration about styling our floor rugs at home, then look no further than our wonderful blog with a host of articles about decorating with cowhide. This article advises how you can combine rugs to great effect, for example, coloured cowhide rugs, matching cowhide rugs, neutral and cream cowhide rugs, or just layering different types of rugs together.

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