How to hang a cowhide rug

How to hang a cowhide rug

Hanging a cowhide rug is an easy and stylish way to massively transform any
space. Art Hide’s expert team can help you choose the best designs for your
vertical cowhide, as well as provide advice on the safest and most
effective installation methods.

Choosing cowhide as a wall finish is not only colourful and textural, but
it also helps with sound absorption. Cowhide rugs come in a variety of
colours and patterns to suit all tastes, so you can be sure to find the
right one for your interior. Whether you choose a natural cowhide in black
and white tones, or a beautiful grey palette - or perhaps you want a
dramatic green or pink hide wall feature - you're sure to find that perfect
piece with Art Hide!

It's not only walls that can benefit from a cowhide finish, you can get
creative and utilise it on other vertical surfaces like bar fronts,
banquette seating and chair backs.

Check out some of Art Hide's past projects in this blog post!

If you're considering hanging a cowhide rug, reach out to our team today.
With Art Hide's expert knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that
your beautiful new wall feature will look amazing!
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