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How Cowhide Rugs are Made

A cowhide rug is a simple yet stylish way to spruce up any room. It provides a rustic look and warming feel, while still remaining classic and timeless. But what is involved in the making of a hide rug? In this article, we'll explore the unique processes and techniques used to make these unique rugs.

Sourcing the hides 

Cowhides for cowhide rugs are typically sourced from meat producing countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy or Pakistan. These countries raise large numbers of cattle for the meat industry, so the cowhides are always a by-product. 

Art Hide’s rugs are of premium quality, so the hides the company selects for its rugs are always  the very best ones hides available.


Art Hide’s premium quality cowhide is sourced from regulated tanneries, where methods involved in tanning and dyeing are always safe for workers and are non pollutant.

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Dyeing and finishing 

These are the final steps in the process of making a cowhide rug when the colour and texture is added. 

Dyeing involves using high quality dyes to colour the hides. This requires careful attention to detail to ensure that the desired end result is achieved. Depending on the degree of pigment needed, it may take multiple applications of dye to achieve the right colour. It is important to ensure a consistent, uniform colour throughout the hide. 

Finishing involves using different processes to protect the hide and to enhance its appearance. This includes coating it with wax or oil to make it more resilient, and buffing it to give it a smooth, glossy finish. These processes also help to prevent fading and cracking. 

Both dyeing and finishing must be done with care, to ensure the best results for the finished product.

Where to buy your cowhide rug

Art Hide creates originally designed and ethically sourced cowhide rugs of an heirloom quality. Our rugs come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Shop online with free global shipping.

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