Ethics of cowhide rugs

Ethics of cowhide rugs

Cowhide can be found everywhere, from cushions to clothes to rugs. Although it's been a popular trend for a while, the cry for ethically sourced, authentic cowhide is growing exponentially. The argument as to whether or not cowhide is a responsible trend to follow is one we want to settle for our customers. As a producer of genuine cowhide rugs, we are well poised to offer our take on the ethics of producing this product.

How do we source the textile materials to make our cowhide rugs?

Whether it’s a black, white, or golden cowhide rug, the materials that go into making our products are ethically sourced. We understand the dangerous misconceptions surrounding the fashion industry and animal skin/fur and we despise manufacturers who kill healthy animals purely for materialist reasons.

At Art Hide, we stand out from the crowd. We create our stunning art-deco home décor pieces from genuine cowhide in a responsible manner. In Australia, red meat makes up a hefty proportion of our diet. There are many farms across the world, such as that in Brazil, Pakistan, and Argentina alone, which all cultivate cattle for dietary reasons. We’re in contact with such farms and through them, we gain the textile materials necessary to create our rugs as a natural by-product from this market. We believe that this is the only ethical way in which cowhide can be sourced and used. Quality and responsibility are also considered when in contact with farms as these countries all have an EU level of ISO standards for premium cowhides.

Why use genuine cowhide at all?

Many people have asked us why we use genuine cowhide at all. At Art Hide, we’ve witnessed the benefits that authentic rugs can have. For one, it's a natural, hypo-allergenic product, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. What's more, it's non-toxic, it maintains its shape over time and it creates an ambience that is rich, warm and vibrant.

Here at Art Hide, we also create all of our own colours using premium Clariant of Germany dyes, so we can match your rug to your home decor.

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