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Cowhide Stools

Cowhide stools (or cowhide ottomans as they are also known) are interesting and unique decor pieces that add a cozy or rustic charm to any interior design. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional round or square stools to more modern versions with a sleek sculptural design. The distinctive patchwork pattern of a cowhide adds an eye-catching texture and visual appeal to the piece, making it a great choice for adding character to any room.

These cowhide furniture pieces can easily blend in with a variety of aesthetics, allowing them to seamlessly fit into both contemporary and rustic decors. These stools are ideal for seating in small spaces such as entryways, nooks, and corners, as well as areas like the kitchen or bar counter. 

Popular Cowhide Stools

  • The classic cowhide bar stool with backrest is the perfect addition to bare, minimal kitchen counter spaces. These pieces are ideal if you’re into rustic farm decor, and are versatile pieces you can use for a pub table, kitchen island, or bar.
  • A compact cow print counter stool without backrest adds fun seating to a tiny kitchen. It is multifunctional and lightweight, so you can easily carry it all over your house and even set it aside when not in use.
  • The classic cowhide ottoman is a great option for a home office or living room. The rustic design of the cowhide ottoman adds a warm, inviting atmosphere to any room.
  • A cowhide footstool is a great way to elevate your feet and legs while relaxing. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and looks great in any room.

Cowhide stools is a great way to give your home a natural vibe due to its colour, texture, and general appeal. As cowhides are known for their long-term durability, when properly cared for, a cowhide stool can last for generations, unlike synthetic furniture items that need replacement every few years and do not biodegrade when they are eventually retired.

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