Three reasons cowhide rugs are the ultimate home décor accessory

Three reasons cowhide rugs are the ultimate home décor accessory

A cowhide rug has to be the ultimate home décor accessory, and it can really bring your living space to life. Coloured cowhide rugs brighten up a room and bring all sorts of benefits. Here are just three reasons why customizable rugs made from cowhide are a home essential in 2021.

They bring colour to a room

Whether you’re buying a cowhide rug for your living room or home office, coloured rugs bring that much-needed pop of brightness to any room. With customizable rugs, you get the maximum choice of colour possible and can make sure they fit in with your current colour scheme, so everything harmonizes nicely. Adding colour through accessories is one of those perfect finishing touches which completes a living space, and a colourful rug works wonders if the rest of your décor is fairly neutral and you want a focal point.

They’re soft underfoot

Cowhide rugs have the most wonderful texture and are incredibly soft underfoot. Nothing is quite so satisfying as kicking your shoes off after a long day on your feet and feeling that beautiful, smooth softness. Few things are quite so comforting as soft furnishings, and rugs have to be the epitome of comfort. That lovely texture adds a certain luxury and opulence to a room, and they’re perfect for cosy evenings when all you want to do is relax.

They reflect your personality

Customizable rugs are the perfect way to inject a little of your personality into your living space. Rugs bought ‘off the shelf’ can only reflect your personality so much, but a cowhide rug made to your own specifications can really mirror you and your tastes. They’re the ideal way to make a bold statement, and they’re completely unique to you. No two cowhide rugs from Art Hide are ever the same, and that’s not something you’ll get from a mass-produced rug.

Cowhide rugs are a gift that keeps on giving, really enhancing your living space and making a house feel more like a home. To find your ideal customizable rug, browse our online collection today.

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