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Las Palmas Rug Rectangle - Shadow Grey

Las Palmas Rug Rectangle - Shadow Grey

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The brand new Shadow grey color in the Las Palmas design is a striking and dramatic new colorway that is ensured to add allure and boldness to any room. Shadow grey allows for pockets of warmth and coolness across the rug, enabling visual movement that interplays with the elegant Las Palmas laser burn.

The Las Palmas is a beautiful rug for a living or dining room setting. Art Hide cowhide rugs are stitched together using commercial grade nylon thread and feature a branded ribbon edge finish. They are built to last a lifetime.

This rug can easily be customized to any colour, size or shape. Please contact Us if you wish to change the specification of your rug.

Art Hide rugs are usually made to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

Available in: 
Las Palmas Rug Rectangle - Denim
Las Palmas Rug Rectangle - Charcoal
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