Why should you personalise your cowhide rug?

Why should you personalise your cowhide rug?

Cowhide has been around for centuries, but the beginning of this decade has seen it come back into fashion with a bang. As one of the most popular trends of the 2020s so far, demand has skyrocketed for our beautiful cowhide rugs. Initially, some might find it difficult to visualise natural cowhide rugs with their existing home décor, but they're incredibly versatile pieces and look great in a range of rooms.

What makes cowhide so popular?

Whether you're going for a light cream decor scheme or a darker, more modern finish, a cowhide rug is the perfect centrepiece. Renowed for their natural beauty as well as their durability, it's easy to make a cowhide rug your own. No, we’re not talking about an accidental red wine stain that has proven impossible to get out! We’re talking about our personalisation features here at Art Hide.

What benefits does personalisation offer?

By opting to personalise your cowhide rug, you don’t have to worry about losing the fabulous benefits our ‘off the rack’ range offers. Each rug is still made to be hypoallergenic (ridding your home of dusty allergens), affordable (with options for after pay), and sustainable (coming from Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth).

How can my rug be personalised?

Personalising your rug with us is an easy and positive experience - you’ll be wishing you did it sooner! At Art Hide, anything short of perfection just isn’t enough as we want you to adore your new cowhide rug as soon as you lay eyes on it. To ensure this, you can loan out samples from our Digital Showroom range which includes free shipping. This means that you no longer have to visualise your new cowhide rug online; you can see it for yourself before making a purchase. We also offer free, hyper-realistic room rendering services, as well as premium swatches available for just $29.

At Art Hide, we want to make your vision a reality, which means we can also create new rugs from scratch based on your designs! For more information or guidance on creating the perfect cowhide rug for your home, contact our friendly and professional team at Art Hide today.

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