Why nature's artwork is superior

Why nature's artwork is superior

When decorating our homes we adorn the walls with prints and paintings. But there is one surface we often fail to utilise the floor. Rugs make the perfect addition to any room, they can act as a focal point, or can bring design elements together helping to finish a room. But there is one rug that outperforms its synthetic cousins ‚ the cowhide floor rug.

Bring nature's creativity into your home

There is no denying that nature has a skilled brush-stroke. The subdued colours of cowhide rugs give them an alluring appearance. The natural texture and tones make them the ideal accompaniment to any room, bringing an earthy, elegant, and artistic finish to your floor.

For something more eye-catching, opt for a dyed, tiled or lasered rug ‚ these still maintain a natural quality while offering up a more modern style.

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Why you should choose the cowhide rug

You'll be pleased to know that cowhide rugs are low-maintenance. Because they are a natural product, stains are easily removed and your rugs can be conveniently vacuumed to keep them free from dust and dirt. Alternatively, you can shake them out in the garden. They are also highly durable and their longevity makes cowhide rugs the perfect choice if you have pets.


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If you're concerned about your rug becoming an outdated trend you can relax ‚ cowskin rugs have been around for centuries. Interior design will inevitably continue to change, but the good thing about cowhide rugs is their versatility. Whether your preferred style is minimalist, bohemian, industrial or Hollywood glam you can rely on your cowhide to complement your taste. As design preferences evolve you can be confident your cowhide will continue to fit in with the latest trends.

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Cowhide rugs also work with any surface ‚ floorboards, concrete, tiles, carpet ‚ if you move house you can be certain your rug will fit in nicely.

Nothing beats Mother Nature's touch, and a cowhide rug brings that special craftsmanship into your home. Cowhide rugs are always unique, giving your home the distinctive flair that it deserves.

You'll struggle to find an artist who can paint as beautifully as Mother Nature. That's why you should choose the rug that's superior and will stand the test of time. You won't regret choosing a cowhide rug.

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