Using our digital showroom for the perfect rug

Using our digital showroom for the perfect rug

It can sometimes be hard to know how to tie a room together. Very few people decorate and furnish a room completely from scratch, so statement pieces have to fit in with your existing space. Naturally, this can sometimes be hard to visualise! Cowhide rugs are made to last a lifetime, so investing in such a long-lasting statement piece should be done with care, consideration and an expert eye. If this seems like an unnecessary luxury, don't fear - we're here to help.

Our in-house design service

Our complimentary and fast in-house design service can change the size, colour or shape of any of our designs with no surcharge. We can even create entirely new designs. No matter your colour palette or theme and the mood you're looking to achieve, we can create the ideal statement piece to fit seamlessly into your home. Art Hide's free render program, Room Service, also lets you see what your cowhide rug will look like in situ, so you can be sure of your choice, and able to customise further to get it exactly right if needed. Perhaps you want to pull out specific colours from a wallpaper, or you have a specific pattern firmly in mind? Sometimes, it takes seeing to really know!

The Digital Showroom

Considerations of existing furniture, the shape of the room and your colour palette might be helped by our digital showroom and Room Service, but we know there's so much more when it comes to rug choice. Texture, the feel of it, the thickness - even niche decisions like how metallic detailing responds to the light in your room can be important. For this, you can order a swatch, or our "Box of Feels" packages, with five returnable swatches for just $5. A swatch to keep can be ordered for any of our designs for just $29, and free shipping. If you have spotted a favourite design, you can order a swatch from the product page, or you can visit our Digital Showroom to order a range of loaned samples with our brand new Box of Feels program, particularly useful if you're looking for something customised. Whether one of our designs needs changes to adapt into your home, or you have your heart set on a one-of-a-kind creation unlike any other; Art Hide’s custom design service will make it happen!

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