The Many Shapes and Colors of Cowhide Rugs

When one mentions ‘cowhide rug’ one automatically often thinks of the classic shaped cowhide with a natural color palette of white/brown/black. 

But cowhide rugs can take many different shapes and sizes depending on the type of cowhide, or how it's cut and designed.

Common shapes from a designer cowhide company like Art Hide include rectangles, squares, and round cowhide rugs, but rugs can also be cut into more complex, organic shapes. Hexagons, stars, and animal outlines are all possible with carefully hand-crafted cuts and techniques. In this Art Hide collection, you will find rugs of various shapes and sizes which include round rugs and hexagonal rugs that are sure to uplift and elevate any room it is set in! 

Custom rug designs can also be commissioned by Art Hide customers to create any shape or design desired. Over 50% of Art Hide’s work is custom, and it's a creative process the company loves collaborating with their customers on!

Coloring a cowhide rug

Color dyeing cowhide rugs is a multi-step process that involves careful preparation, color selection, and application of the dye. 

Art Hide works with only the highest quality commercial dyes, from Germany. These are colourfast and pigment rich, so they do not fade and stand the test of time. 

Cutting into shape

With careful design and construction, these rugs can be crafted into any shape. All Art Hide rugs are made from premium cowhide and finished with commercial grade nylon thread and a ribbon edge finish, ensuring they will last a lifetime.

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Art Hide's tiled collection is diverse and each piece has its own unique touch. This collection features an unparalleled selection of carefully combined natural cowhide tones and custom created colors across a range of designs. Art Hide offers free worldwide shipping.

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