Style Your Interiors with Ottomans

Style Your Interiors with Ottomans

The centuries old ottoman is often an underappreciated décor element that is actually a living room staple. The ottoman’s ability to transform from a simple seating option to a cocktail table or a decorative footstool even makes it a multifunctional design gem. But there’s more to this interesting décor element. From a design and functionality point of view, a simple ottoman can offer a number of benefits:

Versatile Décor Element

Ottomans are the ideal accent piece you can add to your interiors considering the number of ways it can be used. By simply adding a chic ottoman to your interior setting, you will be able to refresh the look and feel of the room without much ado. If you are looking to introduce a new colour or texture to your room, an ottoman is the way to go. Its smaller size but high impact look allows you to instantly upgrade your design.

Doubles as a Storage Option

Ottomans come in various styles, shapes and sizes, but the cleverest one yet is an ottoman with concealed storage. It is the perfect way to store those extra pillows and/or blankets you’ll need when you want to kick back and put your feet up! While ottomans in general work well in all types of interior settings, ottomans with concealed storage merge perfectly in minimalistic settings where it’s all about clean lines and surfaces as it still gives you the options of keeping your essentials within reach.

Highly Adaptable

An ottoman can literally find its place anywhere! Be it the living room, the bedroom, playroom or even the entryway. It sits well when put up next to a sofa, when used as a side table, a casual stool-desk, as an impromptu seating arrangement for larger parties and even when tucked under the table when not in use. For instance, you can simply place three different sizes of ottomans next to each other, or get a set of cascading ottomans to create a unique seating arrangement of its own. The only thing you need to ensure is that the style and texture of the ottoman must compliment your existing décor.

Alternative Table Top

Wider ottomans can be used as a coffee table to serve beverages and snacks as well. You can counter the soft base by placing a large tray to hold all the necessities and avoid any accidents or spills. Using ottomans as an alternative to coffee tables is especially preferred by families with children and pets as they do not have any sharp corners, reducing the chances of any injuries. As you can see, ottomans have the ability to make any space inviting and cosy. You can capitalize on the versatility and functionality of the ottoman by choosing one with intricate designs or plush fabrics. These days there are a variety of styles and fabric options to choose from. While you must pick the design and style based on your personal design sensibilities, you must go for a statement style like a plush cowhide ottoman or a solid suede color to ensure it has its own identity within the room! This way your small but unique décor element will not only prove its value in terms of function but also by way of style and design detailing. Do you have any tips for styling with ottomans? Share them with us in the comments section below!
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