New Arrivals - Right from the Hands of Our Skilled Artisans

New Arrivals - Right from the Hands of Our Skilled Artisans

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have launched a fun, seasonal update to our existing collections along with some stunning new pieces/collections. First, we have added a deliciously moody jewel tone to the Trilogia cushion and rug series - a rich Midnight blue that will work well in both neutral as well as vibrant settings. Along with that, our best-seller, the Angulo also received a stunning update, this time with earthy greens and greys, green being the season's most preferred colour. Our rug collection received another exquisite update in the form of the Sueno rug. Inspired by traditional Persian designs, this rug features an array of cutting edge techniques which include clever tiling, intricate laser burns and hand painting to create the perfect alchemy of elegant design and unique textures.

Next in line is lovely range of cushions inspired from traditional handicraft techniques and embellishments from all around the world. These include the Florido cushion which was inspired by the traditional African tribal prints; the Imani Cushion inspired by traditional Indian prints and the Capa cushion that has hand-etched designs.


And the second installment is a new variant in the cushions collection, the baguette cushions. You will be able to purchase these cushions in the beloved Zeus laser burn pattern as well as a brand new woven finish laser burn known as the Cesta Bolster cushion. These cushions will surely liven up your interiors with their intricate design and vivid colours while adding another level of drama though their unique texture!

Zeus laser burn patternSo, what are you waiting for? Check out our web store today and tell us which ones made it to your must-have list. Hope you don't have a hard time deciding on your favourites, like we did!

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