Interview with Tina Nettlefold - Founder of TconceptShop

Interview with Tina Nettlefold - Founder of TconceptShop

With the love for all things decor and fashion ingrained in her DNA, Tina Nettlefold - an Interior Decorator, Event Stylist and Fashion Enthusiast has years of experience as an interior stylist and decorator. She divulges some of the most interesting aspects of her work in this interview. Read to know more.

1. How did your journey begin?

I began 6 years ago with developing and designing my own products, with leather and suede products out of Indonesia. A combination of cushions and some handbags. I lived in Indonesia for 10 years and always designed products for myself and friends. I also have built and designed 5 homes and helped a number of friends with their homes free of charge. I wanted to do something I loved as all my children had finished school and felt it was time to get back to work.

2. When did you realise your calling?

I have always loved interiors, decor and fashion from a young age. My first job after university was in the financial market and then in the advertising industry, but I have always loved to attend interior shows and seminars, read interior design magazines, admired and travelled the world to see divine interiors and architecture.

3. Any particular life experiences that moulded your interests towards interior design?

Just my love for beautiful design and beautiful things in life...

4. What is your design ethos?

A home should be a reflection of the people and personality living there.... I style houses to become homes.

5. Tell us about your business and how you went about starting it?

I am an interior stylist and decorator. My business is about styling homes to live or to sell, creating beautiful and practical spaces. I love to take items that clients treasure and work them into new, fresh and modern concepts... I started by bringing in bespoke and interesting pieces from Asia and designing my own cushions, throws, furniture and light fixtures.

6. Any specific challenges you faced while starting off?

Importing was a costly venture and designing products was time consuming on a small scale... I wanted to keep my business small and unique.

7. What are your other interests and how do you find your inspiration?

I love to travel, love great food and interesting restaurants and cafe, I am a fashion addict, love to shop, love gardens and addicted to flowers (love using them in my designs) love theatre and music.... I find most of my inspiration from fashion trends and travels.

8. How do you describe your personal style?

Elegance with personality.

9. Tell us more about how you find your style inspiration for design projects?

I like to discuss with clients their needs and look at their style, the way they live, dress and their interests... I draw my inspirations from my clients and their surroundings. As I mainly do interior styling and decorating this question is not really relevant... I am passionate about colour and form when I design and create spaces.

10. Tell us about your favourite project so far?

I have loved working on QMS Media head office in Melbourne, it was a 4 month project, to accommodate 200 staff in South Melbourne. They are a digital media company that wanted to create a bespoke and unique environment for staff and clients visiting... it's a combination of antiques, artworks and modern furniture.

11. How did you discover Art Hide? What is it that appeals to you?

At one of the trade shows I came across Art Hide and met the talented Kura and that would have been 3 years ago. I loved the uniqueness of the cowhide, the use of textures, patterns, colour and design. I instantly know that my clients would love these and introduced them to my showroom and in my clients design projects.

12. Why Art hide? What do you think of their collections? 

I do believe Art Hide produce excellent work and product. The finish is top quality, I know if I order from Art Hide my clients will not be disappointed with the workmanship and the design ... I love how all the Art Hide's cowhide collections bring a point of difference.

13. Any personal favourites?

I love the bespoke as I love to create something different for each client ... I have used the laser cut cowhide rug and the Trilogia cowhide rug recently and I just love the bold colour and the pattern.

14. How was your overall experience working with Art Hide?

I have always had a fabulous rapport with Kura and think her efficiency and execution to all orders has been second to none...
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