Interview with the Lovely Rayna Hardwick

For the next installment of our interview series, we decided to interview the charming and very talented stylist Rayna Hardwick and learn more about how she ventured into the world of interior design, where she gets all her style inspiration, her thoughts on Art Hide and a sneak peak into her wonderful home!

1. How did your journey start?

I've always loved interior design; in fact, when I was little when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "an interior designer", but I actually went on to study Journalism and Film and TV. However, While documenting the build of our country house via my Instagram page @living_life_and_style I came across some amazing small businesses and products and used them throughout our home, and so, my styling journey began.

2. When did you realize your calling? Any particular life-experience that moulded your interest towards interior design?

My husband and I began building our home 4 years ago, and I loved the whole process, it renewed my love of interior design and styling.

3. What is your design ethos?

If you love it, you can make it work. You don't need to stick to one particular style when decorating, if you have a piece you love, maybe it's an antique or something sentimental but it's not the same style as your home... if you love it, you can make it work.

4. Apart from work, what are your other interests? Life is pretty busy at the moment. I have 4 daughters aged 6, 4 and 10 month old twins. Work is my creative outlet and keeps me sane.

5. How would you describe your personal style? Transitional- traditional with a modern twist.

6. Tell us more about how you find your style inspiration for your splendid design projects? I find style inspiration everywhere! Sometimes it comes in the most random ways- for example, when I was designing my twin girls’ nursery, I ordered some wallpaper samples with the intent to wallpaper a feature wall. One of the samples was such large amount, that rather than order more I got creative and came up with a design using the sample roll along with some leftover paint I had in the shed. There are also some amazing Instagram accounts I follow that are a constant source of inspiration. I love @oh.eight.oh.eight and @threebirdsrenovations 7. How did you discover Art Hide? What is it about the brand that appeals to you the most? I first contacted Bree from Art Hide when I was looking for a rug for my new home office. I'd seen this gorgeous blue hexagonal rug they had done and I asked if I could have one made in pink. The girls were amazing, they sent me a bunch of pink hide samples to choose from, and after selecting the ones I wanted, they made a digital mock up so I could see how it looked. It turned out even more amazing than I had imagined! 8. Why Art Hide? What do you think of their collections? Why does it appeal to you? Firstly they look incredible, I love the texture and with 4 young kids I love how they’re stain resistant too!

9. Any personal favourites from their signature rug collections? Any other products that you are a fan of? I own 3 of their rugs, as well as a gorgeous grey bag and 2 clutches, so you could say I'm a fan.

10. Any special product collaboration coming up? I'm currently working on an exciting project in Perth. Think Scandi/ beach house‚ I'm sure ArtHide will be making an appearance!

11. How was your overall experience working with Art Hide, Kura and Bree? Kura and Bree are super talented. Clearly I'm a huge fan, and I can't recommend them and their beautiful brand more highly.

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