How to Style a Statement Rug

How to Style a Statement Rug

A statement rug can completely transform a room. Just as blank wall space can host eye-catching art, your floor represents the perfect opportunity to make a design statement underfoot.

Go Big and Bold

Curvo Gray and Gold cowhide Rug

A generous sized rug in a bold pattern, such as the Curvo Gray and Gold cowhide, creates a striking impact that is sure to catch the eye, particularly if gold accents are used. Geometric shapes and repeated patterns look best in bigger dimensions and can be useful in creating elegant zoning in open-plan homes to act as natural room breaks without disturbing lines of sight.

You can even layer your statement rug on top of a larger, solid rug. This creates a border around your rug, adding definition, and looks particularly good beneath large tables. To style in this way, ensure the rug is big enough so that chairs remain on it even when pulled out.

Don't Fear Colour

Sol Biscotti Rug

A vibrant colour can be used confidently in your design to bring life into a space. Think about the type of room and how you want it to feel. If you're seeking a calming sanctuary, soft shades like the Sol Biscotti rug can create a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere. If you're looking for something to pop, embrace bolder colours for something playful and distinctive, like the Hornet Teal and Gold cowhide.

Let Shape Play a Role


Color, size and texture aren't the only things to consider. The shape of the rug itself can be the talking point, especially natural cowhide rugs that draw the eye and create interest with unique edges. The Isola Hide collection comes in a variety of colours with high impact metallic detailing for that statement look.

Work With your Existing Decor

Isola Hide Grey with Gold

While it's exciting to shape your decor around your rug (and if that's possible, we encourage it!), most people have existing furniture and decor to complement and contrast with. Soft, rounded furniture can contrast beautifully with more angular rugs, while gold detailing can subtly modernize a chic mid-century aesthetic.

Whatever you choose, a statement rug can be one of the biggest interior design features to make your home sing. Built to last a lifetime, our cowhide rugs are an ideal match. If you're still struggling to visualize what would look best, our free Room Service renders can provide you with free renders to help you create the perfect look.

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