How to style a rustic home with cowhide rugs

How to style a rustic home with cowhide rugs

Rustic decor defines a living space with a simple elegance that breathes natural beauty. Earthy tones paired with sleek fittings create a refined yet soothing ambience that pays homage to the aesthetics of the past. A rustic home is never complete without a natural hide rug to create an authentic connection to rustic design, and ArtHide rugs deliver rustic style like no other.

So how can you use a cowhide rug to improve your rustic decor?

1. Define your space

The simple elegance of rustic design leans towards open floor plans, shared kitchen/dining suites and ample space for efficient, unhindered living. A cowhide rug, well placed and sized appropriately, is the perfect way to created zoned atmospheres in specific areas of larger living spaces. The use of either a traditional hide rug or a modern, textured design can create a wholly different tone for your home.gaucho insitu

2. Match your style

Strong wooden beams, timber floors and cool stone features are defining elements for any rustic home. The natural beauty these design elements hold blend well together to create a warming array of outdoor colours mastered for indoor living. The organic tones of a cowhide rug naturally match these muted palettes for a perfect fit. For the decorator looking to be bold, a cowhide rug can dominate a living space in style and vibrancy, while still matching the tone of the surrounding features.

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3. Don’t forget the bathroom

Often overlooked as an area suitable for floor styling, a cowhide rug can turn your restroom from a porcelain necessity to a rustic statement. A traditional cowhide rug will fill the dead space of your restroom and add character without adding bric-a-brac that ruins your rustic minimalism. More importantly, you can now enjoy the soft barefoot warmth and comfort of a natural hide after a soothing bath.

Cowhide rugs are a simple yet essential feature for adding elegance and practicality to your rustic decor. To find the perfect match for your rustic home, reach out to ArtHide today and enjoy our stunning showcase of natural cow hide rugs.

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