How to Create a Glamorous Mid-Century Look

How to Create a Glamorous Mid-Century Look

The glamorous charms of mid-century interior design bring a sophisticated yet playful feel to any home. Managing to be both retro and modern, the look follows streamlined design and the very best elements from the 50s, 60s and 70s - authentic, subtle nostalgia without stuffiness. As a design concept, it’s very freeing, with fewer restrictions and rules than aesthetics such as minimalism, but we’ve created a relaxed guide to help lead the way. 

Patterns and prints

The mid-century movement uses abstract, geometric and playful graphics in textiles and wallpapers. In the 21st century, it’s best to avoid a heavy-handed approach and instead use gentle inspiration from the era, sourcing just one or two statement print pieces, like the Curvo Gray and Gold or Hornet Desert Landscape rugs, to draw the eye but keep the room timeless and evocative.



Design from this era is all about elegant simplicity. Clean lines, defined silhouettes and hairpin legs are given personality with careful accessories and colourful flourishes. Scouring second-hand stores and flea markets for one of a kind pieces to pair with modern items can be the ideal way to create a cohesive interior.

Use natural elements

The free-spirited, hippy vibes of the 60s and 70s meant that mid-century design was all about bringing the outdoors into the home. Focus on natural elements like exposed beams and wood panels, to organically shaped cow hide rugs to add that elegant touch of nature within a modern setting.


Think natural when it comes to colour too, with earthy tones of green, burnt orange and mustard yellow for a grounded retro look that swerves the oversaturated kitsch that so often plagues the era. The Sol Biscotti, Curvo Shrimp, and Faceto caramel rugs are excellent examples of the kind of colour schemes you could use as a foundation.

Occasional pops of colour, however, can bring that classic poolside feel for a touch of LA mood. In particular, look for playful colours like sunny yellow, denim and turquoise blue.


For more advice on finding the right cowhide rug to bring to your mid-century living room, why not contact us? We can even offer customisable rugs to get that colour scheme just right.
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