How Art Hide Can Bring Hygge to Your Home

How Art Hide Can Bring Hygge to Your Home

Hygge is the big Nordic trend in home decor, exuding sophisticated warmth. The Danish word, pronounced "hoo-ga", has no direct translation but is close to something like "cosiness", and is a philosophy of wellbeing, appreciating the small things in life, and bringing together friends and family. Though the style is often associated with winter, this concept of togetherness and wellbeing means that hygge can work all year round. It's all about being homely without being twee, and even bringing in just a few touches can make a difference.

Hides and Furs

ATOMO MIX Rugs and Hides

Hygge has always used different textures and an emphasis on natural materials such as hides and furs. The Nords often use reindeer and sheep, but a cow hide rug is also an ideal way to bring hygge into the home. A large cow skin rug by the bed can be combined with a sheepskin throw or woollen blankets, as well as plenty of pillows, to give contrasting, layered textures to complete the look.

Keeping the natural pelt form of your cowhide is also a great hygge touch, as it the look should always feel casual and lived-in.

Gentle, Muted Tones

Angulo Cushion

An important part of the hygge-look is gentle, muted tones such as soft-whites, greys, and natural tones such as browns or dark greens - nothing too harsh or bright. When choosing your cowhide, if you're aiming for a hygge look, choosing a rug with a cream, caramel or grey base is a great way to fit it into your hygge decor.

Natural wood is also an essential element to hygge decor, and helpfully looks fantastic with cowhide!

Soft Lighting


Creating a relaxed, cosy ambience is a must for that hygge feel. A soft glow from fire, candle or even fairy lights absorbed by warm textures such as hides and soft furnishings gives a room a peaceful, warm mood. If naked flames aren't possible, having a lot of lamps dotted about also does the trick!

Create Cosy Nooks

Angulo Rectangular - Grey OH

Even large, open spaces can become hygge with clever zoning. A cosy corner can be made with a snug armchair on a cowhide rug, perhaps accessorise with a tall lamp, bookshelf, plants or drinks cabinet. Hygge is all about taking pleasure in the small moments of life after all! With a little individual nook created for those quiet moments, the rest of the space is free to be more communal with family and friends.

If you want to bring a little hygge to your home, browse our collection or get in touch to find the perfect cowhide for you.

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