All hail the ultimate ottoman - Art Hide

All hail the ultimate ottoman - Art Hide

Brand new and sublimely elegant, our new Hermez ottoman well and truly knocks all the others out of the park (if we do say so)!

Leading Australian stylist Sarah Ellison recently styled up a banging campaign featuring the Hermez ottomans, new Isola hides and a raft of beauties from our sister brand, Amigos de Hoy.


Handmade in Western Australia, using our best selling Arlequin hides with tapered polished pine legs , the Hermez comes in two sizes that arrive flat packed and are super easy to assemble (i.e. just wind in the legs using your hands - no tools required)!

gold-caramel-oin-situThe Hermez large is an opulent 60cm diameter round ottoman with 35cm long legs. The Hermez small features a 40cm diameter and 25cm legs.

Hide colours include grey, cream and caramel with gold or silver toppings. Custom colours can be made up from the Arlequin range (i.e. black base).

silver-largeclose-up in-situ-2art-hide-gallery

Also available is the Hermez small in our popular Tallo and Cascara etched hides.

The Hermez are designed to be bought together but can also be purchased separately.


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