Fuel Your Creativity with a Uniquely Designed Workspace

Fuel Your Creativity with a Uniquely Designed Workspace

Whether it's your workplace or your home office, a well designed office is sure to inspire and motivate you in many ways. The kind of environment you create around your workspace directly influences the kind of headspace you are in while you work - as well as the quality of work you create. Apart from getting those creative juices flowing, your workspace can also be seen as an extension of you and your professional identity!

The Essentials

First and foremost, dedicate enough time to picking out the right desk and chair, keeping in mind the amount of time you'll be spending in your office. While aesthetics play a big role in the selection, give enough importance to the ergonomic design as that will directly affect your posture.

An Inspiring Backdrop

For the backdrop, you can either pick a striking print or pattern in the form of artwork. A vision board filled with motivational quotes and pictures also works as the perfect background and can instantly add personality to your space, while providing you with much needed motivation whenever necessary.

Desk Decor

Once your basic set up is out of the way, start looking for smaller decor accents. Depending on your personal style, you could choose to add a sleek and stylish table lamp, quirky table organizers or even an ornamental tea set (for those mid-afternoon cravings)!

Guest Seating

The side chairs or sofas are as important as your desk and chair and your guests will definitely appreciate the extra thought you put in. Depending on the vibe you're channeling, you can go for comfy armchairs or plush sofas. If you want something more chic, use sleek chairs and pick a soft goat hide or cowhide throw to go with it. You can also change it-up by scrapping armchairs for cowhide ottomans. This is also a great way to give the room a unique textural appeal.

The Flooring

Last but not the least; a wonderful rug will help you complete the look. Layering throws and rugs in your workspace can create a comfortable, lived-in feel and adds a visual treat that can inspire creative magic! You can also match your rug with your seating, or simply add other accents like cushions or bolsters to pull the look together. Wonderful cowhide rugs in bold colours, with matching cushions will definitely elevate the space! Cowhides naturally exude elegance and can be used in multiple types of decor styles, be it classic and rustic or modern and contemporary. Their timeless beauty will only add to the overall appeal of your office while making the place more inviting for your business associates! To get you started, here's a great collection of cowhide rugs and cushions you can browse through to find the one that's best suited to your style! Do you have any office decor ideas that you have previously tried out? Share them with us in the comments section below!
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