Is a customisable Art Hide rug the solution you have been looking for?

Is a customisable Art Hide rug the solution you have been looking for?

When you choose a cowhide rug, you are making a statement about your personal style. A cowhide floor rug is not just a rug, it is a statement piece that turns your floor into a canvas for art. And just like with any artwork, sometimes the piece that you fall in love with may not be the right size, shape or colour for your room. Fortunately, unlike traditional artwork, an Art Hide floor rug is fully customisable. So if you are ready to create your own customisable Art Hide floor rug, but you are not sure how to get started, then use the two-step process below to help you on your journey to acquiring a new Art Hide rug.

Step One: Explore your options and find the piece that sings to you

If you were choosing artwork for the walls or your house or office, it would make sense to go to an art gallery and explore all of your options and get inspiration; so when choosing a customisable statement piece for your floor, it makes equal sense to become inspired by Bree and Kura. In their virtual showroom, they will talk you through the latest collections and help you to understand the style, feel and story of each piece. Knowing how each cowhide has been developed and styled will allow you to choose the right rug to customise, ensuring that your new statement piece reflects your own personality, style and taste.

Step Two: Use a Room rendering service to visualise your selection

Having selected the piece, it is essential to visualise what it will look like in-situ. The complimentary room rendering service combines the extensive experience of the team at Art Hide Rugs with Ground Control to create a realistic rendering of what your rug would look like in your home. The rendering will enable you to ensure that your new floor rug will be a true reflection of the style and personality you want to bring to your space. Best of all, it's free of charge, so if the rug you have chosen doesn’t work in-situ, you can try again.

The Art Hide Showroom is your go-to site for exploring, designing and ordering a customisable Art Hide rug. The Art Hide custom design service is fun, easy to use and the changes you make to the colour, size and shape of your chosen cow skin rug are also free of charge.

To further explore the possibilities for your own customised masterpiece, contact us at Art Hide Rugs. We love to find the perfect solution for every customer.

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