How to Coordinate Area Rugs in an Open-Floor Plan

How to Coordinate Area Rugs in an Open-Floor Plan

When decorating an open floor plan, picking the right décor elements is really important in order to achieve a unified look overall. It’s no secret that area rugs are the best way to achieve continuity in design while defining each space individually. While area rugs do provide a simple solution to defining open floor plans appropriately, considering how they’ll look together is obviously key. If you're planning to pair two or more rugs together, here's a few easy guidelines you can follow.

Use the same rug twice

Where you have several rugs in view of one another, the simplest choice is to use matching rugs to bring harmony, while defining each space individually. You can even pair two matching patterned rugs to create a unique look.

Stick with the same colour palette

Whether you are using a solid, patterned or textured rug, keep the patterns in the same colour family. By sticking to a particular colour palette, you'll be able to create visual continuity in the room. There are multiple ways to achieve this look too; you can select two varied patterns in one colour, or mix a solid and a patterned rug of the same colour to create the same effect.

Different colours of the same style and pattern

If you are looking for something a little more eclectic, you can pair two rugs of the same pattern/style in different colours and back it up by matching the various décor elements such as the sofas, cushion covers or even the artwork in the room with the chosen colours to create a visual echo. If you're up for having rugs custom made, you could try a design, such as Art Hide's Angulo or Faceta, and have Art Hide create two deliberately different but similar rugs that perhaps make an overall gradient of colour, for instance one with more blue, and one with more grey.

One solid and one patterned rug

For those who like the simpler things, pick a rug of your choice and pair it with a neutral rug made from cowhide, sisal or jute. This will not only add a rustic, earthy touch to the room, but also give it a unified, pared back look.

Combine classics

Last, but not the least, comes the most daring combination of all - pairing classic rugs of different styles with each other. Pair timeless patterns like the zebra print, plaids or herringbones with a lush Oriental rug or a cowhide rug from the same colour family. And there you have it - a quick fix to all your rug pairing and space definition problems! All you have to do now is pick the best rug for your floor plan while keeping the tips mentioned above in mind. Do let us know what you think of these in the comments section below. If you have some unique rug pairing ideas, feel free to share them with us as well! Don't forget that cowhide rugs are the perfect floor rug for households with kids!
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