How to Care for Your Cowhide Products

How to Care for Your Cowhide Products

Cowhide carpets and cushions are among the easiest kinds to keep clean since their natural oils protect them from spills and stains. It repels dirt, dust, crayon shavings, food crumbs and even liquids making them a preferred addition in various interior settings. Cowhides, also known for their longevity are often even passed on through generations as family heirlooms. Hence, these versatile decor items require some tender love and care every now and then. And that's why we've listed everything you need to know, so you can enjoy them for a long, long time to come!

What to Do

    • Gently brush the hide in the direction of the fur to remove additional dust and grime settled in the ‚underlayer‚. Pro Tip - Dust unscented talcum powder on the hide before brushing to ensure smoothness of the fur.
    • Shake out the cowhide or lightly vacuum it regularly to ensure dust and other particles don't accumulate within the fur. Vacuuming or brushing by hand in the direction of the hair growth will maintain the rug's lustre by redistributing natural oils.
    • Simply wipe off liquid/sticky substances using a damp cloth or sponge.
  • If the rug requires additional cleaning, look for a light cleaning product to help you clean the rug. You can also use a mild cleansing solution by mixing 5% vinegar with 95% water in a spray bottle. Work small areas at a time, spray the solution and use a damp (not wet) cloth or sponge to clean the area. This will not only freshen up the rug, but the vinegar present in the solution helps balance the pH, kill bacteria and neutralize odours. Remember to perform the patch test when using any cleaning agent to ensure compatibility with the hide product.
  • Give the hide plenty of time to dry. Hang it outdoors and let it air dry for best results. Do not use any direct source of heat to do so.
  • Air your hide every few months by hanging it fur upside down outdoors. Give it a good shake and keep it out for an hour or two and it will be as good as new!

What Not to Do

  • Do not use a wet cloth or water to clean the rug as water forms a temporary bond with the hide oils leaving it drier and stiffer. It can also make the hide prone to curling.
  • If your rug comes in contact with water or any other liquid, use a dry cloth/sponge to blot the area to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then let it air dry.
  • Avoid using your rug in areas with direct sunlight and limit the exposure to not more than an hour or two for cleaning /drying purposes only. Attention - Avoid direct sunlight on dyed rugs as it can cause colour fading with time.
  • Do not use products that contain petroleum or mineral oils to condition the rug, as they can dry out and damage the rug over time.
  • Never use any harsh cleaning chemicals to remove stains, even those that state that they are colour safe may not be appropriate for cleaning your cowhide.
  • Do not dry clean or machine wash your rug.
What do you think of these tips? Have you used any of them in the past or do you follow different cleaning methods to care for your cowhide rugs? Share your thoughts and tips with us in the comments section below! Don't forget that due to how easily they clean up, Art Hide rugs are the perfect choice for households with kids!
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