Bring art deco touches to your home with a cowhide rug

Bring art deco touches to your home with a cowhide rug

As we move into the 2020s, interior design stylists are looking back to the roaring 20s and the glamorous art deco style that emerged. Modernise the look by taking key elements, such as bold geometric forms and metallic accents, but soften them with natural elements and textures to avoid your home looking like a period drama set piece.

An Art Hide cowhide rug is the perfect way to do this.


Our signature laser burn rugs use a state of the art machine to create stunning patterns in the hide. For an art deco inspired look, we recommend bold geometric patterns, with an emphasis on symmetry. The natural texture of the hide will soften it for a contemporary and understated look that still packs a punch as a statement piece. The luxurious Luneta rug is perfect for this look, with gorgeous geometry in a contemporary style, with relaxed and repeated crescent shapes for just a touch of Gatsby.

Don't worry if you can't find a pattern that's quite right. Perhaps you want to reflect a certain piece of statement furniture or artwork or have a particular vision inspired by something outside the home. Just get in touch as we would love to create the ideal piece for you.

Midas Touch

The art deco era loved to dazzle with decadence, glitz and glamour, and loved a touch of gold (and silver!).

Cool metallic tones of silver bring a slick, modern aesthetic. The muted tones of the Oleada Moss rug bring this shimmering look, reminiscent of luxurious pools that became so popular in the era.

Warmer tones of gold are inviting and subtly glamorous. The Hornet teal and gold is perfect for bringing a moody and powerful yet playful and evocative impact to a room embracing gold.

Carefully balancing the two is certainly possible, and can help tie a room together and blend contemporary and art deco together. We love our Curvo grey and gold and the Mosaica fog and gold for this, both of which bring the art deco geometric emphasis and gold touch and combine it with calming and elegant grey tones.

Naturally, all our rugs are customisable and colours can be changed to work for you! Just get in touch with us for your bespoke piece.

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