Special Collection for Zanui - Art Hide

A Captivating Blend of Earthy Tones for a Plush Appeal

Art Hide has created a special collection for Zanui that they're currently offering for a limited time available at 20% off. It's a sale you absolutely can't miss! The collection for Zanui is absolutely divine ‚ it's taken a year to develop and there are some stand out unique pieces that guarantee to take your interior to the next level!

Let's talk about hide, baby...

trellis-rug-blue The Buoyant Flair of Blue Trellis Rug Paired with a Round Leather Pouf and Gold Accents

Cowhide is hypo-allergenic, natural, tactile, long lasting and of course fabulous looking, making it a perfect choice for everyone ‚whether you are single with a savvy apartment, a stylish young couple with a great taste, or even a family with children. Hide is supremely durable while being ultra modern and cool at the same time. The Zanui collection is a great mix of textures and designs that will spruce up any interior in a swift minute. The best part about hide is that it repels dirt, dust, and even liquids all because of the secret ingredient ‚ the natural oils that the hide possesses. When required, all you need to do is a quick vacuum or a shake outside!

Art Hide's the quality stamp...

falling-squares-rug-pink Squares and Stripes for a Quirky yet Classic Vibe

At Art Hide, we source hides from Argentina, Brazil and Italy; and we work only with the tanneries that are the best in the industry and regulated to comply with the highest global standards. This is why our products are recognised globally and our reputation is built on sustainability backed by superior quality. Our products beam with a glorious lustre that is only true to the finest and purest cowhide. We use commercial grade nylon as opposed to the cheap counterparts that use cotton thread that snaps and unravels easily, resulting in the rug coming apart easily. When the quality of hide is low, the products will be dull in finish with a typical smell that is due to substandard tanning processes which can cause the hide to thin out really quickly.

Colour that pops and yet never takes over...

the-barefoot-beckoning-beauty-of-herringbone-hide-with-a-burst-of-colour The Barefoot Beckoning Beauty of Herringbone Hide With a Burst of Colour

The Zanui range includes a wide range of designs that combine natural cowhide colours with gorgeous dyed colours. The natural tones of our hides are so rich and unique that with a strategic splash of colour, these pieces suddenly become something extraordinary.

Style secrets up our sleeves...

The Art Hide products available on Zanui can be styled in several ways. We have collated expert tips and advice from top stylists and designers in our style guide that you can get for free. Download it here and you are on your way to the stylish interior space that you have always dreamt of! See our exclusive interview with Zanui here!
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