3 common misconceptions about cowhide rugs

3 common misconceptions about cowhide rugs

There is a lot of information online about cowhide rugs – or, should we say, misinformation. Art Hide believes that the beauty and opulence of cowhide rugs should not be underestimated, which is why we're going to rectify this misinformation below. Here are 3 common misconceptions about cowhide rugs to set the record straight.

Cowhide rugs are chemically dangerous

This misconception is often made in regards to the tanning process of cowhide, but cowhide rugs are actually free from toxic chemicals and do not use sub-standard toxins such as glues or plastics.

Yes, the tanning process has become increasingly mechanised over the years. However, manufacturers ensure that cowhide is continuously washed throughout the process to rid it of any chemical residual.

All of the cowhide rugs available at Art Hide are natural and hypo-allergenic, which makes them safer than most chemically-induced products on the market.

Cowhide smells bad

Cowhide is a natural product which means that it's going to have a natural smell. But believe us when we say you won’t notice it. Cowhide rugs are essentially leather and, if you were to smell them, this is exactly what they would smell like.

All bad odours are eliminated through the use of high-quality, safe chemicals in the tanneries. So, in short, your cowhide rug won’t smell any different from your leather sofa or leather jacket!

Cowhide rugs ruin easily

Many believe that cowhide rugs are a short-term investment that is easily ruined. Wrong! Cowhide rugs are extremely durable and can withstand general wear and tear. High-quality hide will maintain its shape over time and remain a statement piece in your home for years to come.

Have you spilt something on your cowhide rug? The natural oils in cowhide mean that spillages sit on the surface and can easily be cleaned. They can be vacuumed, brushed and spot cleaned to ensure they continue to look brand new.

Cowhide rugs are a great investment to spice up your home interior and are extremely safe, durable and low maintenance. Art Hide is a customisable rug company offering sustainable products. Shop our hide collection today.

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