Hornet Desert Landscape 3 x 2m

$2,385.00 $4,050.00

RRP $4,050 SALE REDUCED TO JUST $2,385 (30% OFF)

The best of Art Hide - at a fraction of the price! From time to time, Art Hide has samples of rugs from photoshoots or seconds that have not been sold. In almost all cases these are new or barely used, however they cannot be sold as new, so feature attractive discounts. All items are one only!

This Hornet is the actual rug from our Palm Springs photoshoot - and has not been used since!

The retro, science fiction inspired Hornet features bold pops of vibrant colour with luxe gold detailing.

Playful yet evocative, the Hornet takes its cues from the rich colours of the desert and fun poolside style.

Art Hide cowhide rugs are stitched together using commercial grade nylon thread and feature a branded ribbon edge finish. They are built to last a lifetime.

This rug can easily be customized to any colour, size or shape. Please Contact Us if you wish to change the specification of your rug. This gorgeous rug is well suited to living areas and bedrooms alike and can be saturated with more colour and gold or colours can be changed out.